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Red Bull X-Fighters - Freestyle Motocross On Your iPhone And iPod Touch

August 12, 2009


It takes a unique person to drive a bike off of a humongous ramp, and it takes an even more unique person to perform body-bending tricks off of said ramp.  For those of us who just aren't that "unique," there are video games, and thankfully I-play has just released Red Bull X-Fighters to allow us to experience the high-flying action of freestyle motocross (FMX) without the risk of being broken in half. redbullxfighters_screenRed Bull X-Fighters for the iPhone and iPod touch is actually based off of the FMX series by the same name, which allows fans to witness some of the best riders from around the world pull off insane tricks at heights of up to 40 feet. The game features eight different locations and arenas, and more than 60 different levels to master.  Your bike is controlled via accelerometer and touch-based controls.  Tilting your device tilts your bike, so you can get more speed on your take off and level out for your landing.  The bike also auto-accelerates, but you do have the ability to brake.  Tricks are performed by drawing shapes on the screen while in the air.  You can unlock new bikes and outfits based on your personal achievements during events.  The game also features the ability to view cinematic replays of your biggest and best tricks. Red Bull X-Fighters is now available in the App Store for $4.99 Embedded below is a new gameplay trailer for Red Bull X-Fighters.

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Red Bull X-Fighters
Red Bull X-Fighters

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