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Review: 18,000 Cool Jokes

August 21, 2009



Everybody loves a good laugh. If they didn't, comedy wouldn't have evolved for years into what it is today: a multi-billion dollar industry. Since it is such a large industry, doesn't it make sense that its reach would stretch to every corner of every market? Even, say, the iPhone? Well, it has! Comedy has come to the iPhone through several applications , and one worth mentioning is 18,000 Jokes.



18,000 Jokes has all of the features that should be in a jokes application. Including neat categories, e-mailing jokes to a friend, and tagging your favorite jokes for fast viewing later on. The best feature is the Favorites option, it's hard to find the same joke twice considering there are 17,999 more to sort through. To me the real point of the application is to repeat the jokes later on, so the Favorites button is very useful. Another feature is Sharing. This works by pulling up the mail application already including the selected joke in the message. img_0983 There are 48 categories which cover a large range of topics from Math, Animals, Aviation and even the Elderly. Yes, the features are few, but what did you expect from a jokes application?

The Good:

The only good parts of the application are the user interface. Although the features are nicely done, and make the application easy to use, the bottom line is that the jokes aren't very good. This brings me to The Bad. img_0984

The Bad:

Although everybody's tastes differ and this is only my opinion, I haven't liked any of the jokes that I have read so far within the application. Almost all of the jokes are pretty boring and some don't even make any sense. And none of them are any funny.


The features of the application are absolutely perfect for a joke application. But, as you know, the features do no good if the jokes stink. So, I must negatively rate this application due to the poor quality of jokes it contains. However, since they have all of the features in place, a future update with better jokes would provide a very easy fix.

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