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Review: Aqua Globs

August 25, 2009


Update 2.1

Aqua Globs was already an absolute must, and now there are two new levels! Who doesn't like Pirates or Santa? Well now there is a pirate and Santa glob as the special globs. The pirate glob collects coins, and you collect present dropped by the Santa Glob. Globs_pirate 6 total maps each providing a different challenge, and now a holiday themed one (can you say pocket god or doodle jump). Great open feint leaderboards for every map and even for presents and coins collected. Tons of achievements are included with even 8 more in this update bringing the total to 39. It's challenging and fun at the same time with a great fast forward button, a genre changing combining mechanism, and three lives so you don't loose on your first mistake. Aqua Globs is an absolute must if there ever was one, and should be owned by all.



Aqua Globs has had pending reviews for a long time coming. First it was going to be one new map, and then open feint, and then more new maps. Well finally it made it through Apple as a mega update combining everything: 2.0. Now Aqua Globs has four maps in total, open feint integration for high scores, and 31 new achievements. Globs_rock Three new maps are included which each adding varying obstacles as well as new special globs. The first map is Rockville which contains rock through the middle of the playfield. The globs bounce off the dark rock, but are able to move through the light rock which is a cave. The special glob in rockville is purple, and it combines with any glob, and multiplies into two to provide two more chances to combine each. Globs_pearl The next map is precious pearl which provides rocks in the bottom corner as well as coral. The special glob is a pearl which combines with anything, but actually subtracts two points. The only way to get rid of the pearl is to guide it to the Coral. Finally the last map is Frozen Secret which gives icebergs in the playing field. The special glob is snow glob which combines for two points and keeps going. You can't interact with it, you just have to guide the globs in its path. Open Feint integration provides a more streamlined interface for high scores of each of the four maps. Also there are 31 new achievements, and now they're all stored online for everyone to see. Globs_feint Not only are there new features, but the entire game engine was tweaked. Now the game starts getting to real action sooner, and it's more fun overall. Some how the graphics are cleaner, smoother, and silkier which is saying something based on how good it looked before. I gave Aqua Globs a 4 with one map which was completely basic, read below. Now it has four maps that each provide different challenges. This game is still only $0.99, and this free update may be the best update ever in the App Store. Aqua Globs is now easily an Absolute Must!



Aqua Globs is another game where you draw paths on screen to direct objects. In this game you direct single celled organisms (globs) in the primordial goo. Unlike most games of this type, your goal is to collide objects. There are three colors of globs: orange, blue, and green, and two sizes. You have to combine two small same colored globs to become a big glob, and have to combine two big globs to make them disappear. Your goal is to combine as many orange globs with each other as possible, and the same for blue. The green glob is a special glob that combines with either orange or blue. The orange and blue globs can’t touch each other or you will lose a life. Aquaglobs_stats


The idea of single celled organisms mindlessly floating around is a perfect theme. In each game you have three lives which are reduced each time a blue and orange collide. Also once you lose one life the game doesn’t start over or pause, so you can lose another life right away if you don’t change paths. The typical draw path gameplay mechanic is switched up by having so many objects on screen at one time. It takes multiple combinations to finally get the aqua globs off screen. One of the neatest feature is three times fast forward. You can play at your own speed. If you want the globs to go slow like flight control, start on speed 1, if you want it quick like Harbor Master go to speed 2, and then if you want it hectically accelerated go to speed 3. Aquaglobs_achievements Also included are online high scores and three achievement types. The achievements are based on time played, number of games played, and points scored. There are also detailed stats of your total individual performance. To control you simply draw the aqua globs path on screen, like all other draw path games.

The Good

The gameplay is the best aspect of the game. Even though it’s similar to others it’s still unique enough with the combining mechanic. For some reason I seem to be much better at smashing things than avoiding things. It’s great connecting two oranges, and then connecting two more, and then connecting both of those to each other, the entire time you have to avoid the blue. Aquaglobs_good Having three speeds allows you to play very fast at the start to get in the game, and then to slow down a little when there are over 20 globs on screen at once. The game is surprisingly, and nicely challenging, but simple enough to keep you coming back for more and providing a nice addictive quality. Also helping replayability are the online high scores, and achievements if that's your thing. This game is simply beautiful. Overall there’s a lot of charm and polish put into every detail, and the globs are even sweet looking with their sharp buck teeth. The background is reminiscent of primordial goo, and the side indicators on screen show which color is coming in next. Drawing the paths works perfectly, and the paths have the appropriate colors depending on which ones you’re connecting. The sounds are outstanding with a mellow soundtrack that is actually nice to listen to. The sound effects are superb with a gooey squishing sound as you draw a path from one glob to another. There is even a sad oohh when you collide an orange and a blue. A great save system is included that picks up exactly where you left off, which is must for any idevice game. Aquaglobs_alert

The Bad

It gets a little tired after awhile with only three types of globs and one area to play in, though an update is planned to fix this. The online high scores and achievements are pretty simplistic in comparison to other games in the same category.

The Verdict

Aqua Globs is a wonderful experience, and a unique take on the tired path drawing genre. The gameplay calls for colliding globs which is more fun, and still challenging, which are tough to combine. The little globs are designed wonderfully, and have their own personality. The visuals, sounds, and controls are extremely well done, and a joy to interact with. Drawing paths to collide the globs is so much better than drawing paths to avoid everything. Aqua globs is a should buy even if you already own other path drawing games.

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