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Review: I Dig It

August 4, 2009



Who knew paying your mortgage could be this fun?! In this seriously entertaining and unique game, you take the helm of a modified "high-tech" bulldozer, and attempt to make as much money as you can before your fuel runs out - or the mortgage on the farm is up. But, is this modern day adaption of the classic game "Dig Dug," worth your time? i-dig-it-digging


Although the game is pretty straight forward in terms of what you can do in the game, there are some notable features here as well. The game comes with five different mini-game challenges (Birthday, Depth Charge, and New Tractor to name a few), an open-ended free play mode, and a tutorial mode is included just in case you are having trouble getting the core gameplay down. The game deals with "cash" as you mine more and more rocks. This cash can be used to pay the mortgage, purchase fuel, upgrade your digger, and/or make some needed repairs to it as well. There are two different control schemes, a virtual analog joystick or touch-screen controls.

The Breakdown


The Good:

Where to start? For the most part, this game does everything right. The gameplay is very smooth and easy to pick up. There are plenty of different types of gameplay as well so things don't get stale or boring on you. The graphics look really good and fit the game well.

The Bad:

The only thing I didn't really like here was the layout of the screen. I feel this game would be better served with a "landscape" view as opposed to the vertical layout it currently has. There just isn't a lot of room for your thumbs and they can get in the way of what you are doing at times.

The Verdict

i-dig-it-flyingFor only $.99 this game is a steal. It's a lot of fun and it has hours of gameplay built into it. It reminded me of the classic game "Dig Dug," which is a game I always liked. If you are into that game, you'll love this. It has little wrong with it and is very enjoyable to play on the go or for hours on end. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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