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Review: Instant Guitar Solo

August 27, 2009



Instant Guitar Solo is essentially exactly what the tittle states. When you buy a gas station cappuccino you don't expect to get gourmet cappuccino with foam that only my boss can make (or so she claims). This application does what it says -  it lets you make a solo even though your knowledge of guitar is close to the caveman who accidently strung the elephants eyebrow between two rocks and figured that vibrations make sounds.


First and most important every musician knows you have to keep time, and drums are the key instrument for that. The app designer put in an automatic drum for those in the know. The next most important feature of this app is the fact that it has simple guitar techniques often used in playing solos built in. You can easily go between these to create your solo the way you see fit without the know how of the instrument. There is also the Autosolo that lets your fingers take a rest when your ears don't care to. The last and perhaps the most appreciated feature after a horribly constructed solo is the Silence feature. Which does what it says in one word.


The Good

If you want to whip out your phone and kill time playing around with something where your interests meet your lack of talent then this if for you. Most of us are not talented in music and we still love plucking the strings of guitars and laying our fingers on pianos. For those this is perfect. Not to mention fun if you let yourself get carried away a bit too.

The Bad

What is the point of a solo if it doesn't go fast enough to connect well. And how are you supposed to connect the bits and pieces when you really know nothing about music. I for one do not know if the names are of real techniques or constructed for my music-insensible brain.

The Ugly

Every solo I tried, tried to bite me in the ear. It was very painful. I would rather have an app that has recorded solos of the greats like Paul Gilbert, and Yngwie pre-recorded for me to hear. Any attempt I made at this left me in pain.


It is a fun app but as a lover of music to me it is nothing beyond just that. I wouldn't mind using this to annoy or surprise people, but as far as actually enjoying the musicality, sorry count me out. It would be a cool thing to show your friends at a party, or a good companion in times of boredom. But if you want a good solo look somewhere else.

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