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Review: Swine Paper Scissors

August 11, 2009



This app is a twist on the classic game of paper, rock, and scissors. This time, however, you have the choice between the swine, the vaccine, and the medical mask. Meant to educate the user on the dangers and precautions surrounding the deadly swine flu virus, this app is an amusing way to waste time and learn at the same time. Is it worth a dollar though?


swine-paper-scissors-infoThere isn't much to this app. It comes with the game, the ability to save your last high score and the option to continue any game you leave, and there is an information page that gives you tips on how to prevent getting the swine flu virus. (Although there is a website address on this page, there isn't a link that sends you to the website) When playing the game, you just tap on the icon you want to use and shake the phone. You play against the computer and if you win, lose, or tie it will tell you. In the game, swine beats the medical mask, the medical mask beats the vaccine, and the vaccine beats the swine. If you get confused or forget, there is also a page that informs you of what beats what. swine-paper-scissors-gameplay


The Good:

The game is very easy to play and it doesn't take much to get into the gameplay. You just tap on which icon you want to pick, be it the swine, the medical mask, or the vaccine. Once you pick which icon you want, you just shake the phone and that's about it.

The Bad:

swine-paper-scissors-chooseThis app was fun for about one minute...and then I got incredibly bored. For one, you play against the computer and that really isn't very much fun. Second, it's confusing. I realize that there is a page explaining what beats what, but it still doesn't make much sense to me. Why does the medical mask defeat the vaccine? So a mask is more powerful than a vaccine? Okay, then why does the swine beat the medical mask? I thought it was all powerful? See where I'm going with this?

The Verdict

I recommend spending that dollar on something else here. The game tries to be cute and fun, but it just isn't. If you want info on the swine flu virus, there are easier ways to get. And if you want to play paper, rock, scissors...get a friend. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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