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Share Your Music On Twitter And Facebook With Face The Music, Free For A Limited Time

August 10, 2009


If you are currently using Twitter and/or Facebook on a regular basis, you already understand the joys of sharing with others.  Now there is an extremely simple and free way to share your musical tastes on either of these social networking sites thanks to a new app called Face the Music. Face the Music may not be the prettiest app in the App Store, but it gets straight to the point.  You can login to your Facebook and Twitter account to start sharing what music you are listening to within seconds.  The app boldly displays what song, band, and album you are currently listening to, or you can choose a new song directly from the app itself.  On the bottom right-hand side there is a share button that when tapped will bring up a menu that's plump full of ways to share with others.  Not only can you share your music via Facebook, Twitter, or email from Face the Music, but you can also quickly post messages to your Facebook or Twitter account for those times when you just don't feel like launching another app. Face the Music is a brand new app available for free for a limited time, so go get it before it's too late. [Thanks to JNHohol for the tip!]

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Face the Music for iPad/iPhone 4.x Update!
Face the Music for iPad/iPhone 4.x Update!

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