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There's a Zombie on Your Lawn, and iPhone! PopCap is Bringing Plants vs. Zombies to the App Store

August 20, 2009


PopCap’s fresh take on tower defense is coming to the iPhone. Plants vs. Zombies is the best selling PopCap game in its first 90 days, so it makes perfect sense to bring it to the App Store. PopCap’s three other iPhone titles: Bejewled 2, Bookworm,and Peggle are all full computer versions so we should expect the same for Plants vs. Zombies. 959255_20090511_screen003 In Plants vs. Zombies hordes of ridiculous Zombies (in pretty nice suits) are coming to attack your house and eat your brains. Your only defense are your plants in your garden, but luckily you have some mutant plants. There are 26 types of zombies including screen door shield zombie, pole vaulting zombie, zamboni driver, and zombie bobsled team. There are 42 plants to defend against every type of zombie with the regular pea shooter, wall-nut & tall-nut, zombie eating plant, squash, and doom shroom. In the game instead of the typical tower defense fixed path or open field, there are six lanes to defend, and the zombies & plants are restricted to one lane. You plant sunflowers to gain sunshine to buy more plants, and then plant outwards from the house. The zombies come from the street, and walk slowly towards your house, and can eat through your plants. pvz_bomb In the computer version there are 50 levels in adventure mode, and then you can play mini-games, puzzle & survival mode, and the zen garden. The 50 levels are across five areas playing day and night, with a pool, and on the roof. **Note though it's likely, it isn't guaranteed that all of these features will be in the iPhone version. This is one of the most enjoyable gaming experiences, and I can’t wait until it hits the App Store. Plants vs. Zombies should be out near the end of the year, but no price point was specified. Check out the free trial computer version. See the funniest music video ever, and gameplay footage below to see the true nature of Plants vs. Zombies.



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