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ToDo v3.0 Update Released, Get Task Alert Reminders Via Push Notifications

August 8, 2009


Appigo's ToDo is one of the most powerful task management apps available for the iPhone and iPod touch, but the one important feature it was lacking was the ability to send Push Notifications.  Well, it's no longer lacking in that department because it was finally updated with the ability to send Push Notifications when a task is nearing its deadline. ToDo is a must-have for anyone who has trouble keeping track of their daily, weekly, and monthly tasks.  The app contains all kinds of features that help you get things done, like quick task entry, drag and drop organization, task sharing via email, full calendar view, and much more.  ToDo is also able to sync with iCal on your OS X-based computer via Appigo Sync, a free download from the companies' website. todo3_screenToDo has been updated to v3.0, which adds Push Notifications and a whole bunch of other features that make it well worth the $9.99.  You can customize when you want to receive your Push Notifications, ranging from five minutes to two days before the task's deadline.  You can also change the alert sound to help distinguish it from other alerts.  Below is a list of the other noteworthy additions to ToDo in version 3.0:
  • Built using iPhone OS 3.0 SDK (iPhone OS 3.0 or newer required)
  • Improved task sharing using email
  • Select due date from displayed calendar dates with one tap
  • Randomly select list color during initial sync with Toodledo or RTM
  • Allow setting repeat option for project subtasks
  • Use OR logic when filtering tasks with tags
  • Fix screen redraw during and after phone call
  • Fix to prevent duplicate tags
  • Other minor bugfixes
If you aren't willing to take the risk on a $9.99 app without giving it a try first, ToDo Lite is also available in the App Store and it features the ability to send Push Notifications as well.

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