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TomTom iPhone App Released In New Zealand App Store

August 16, 2009


This could be the beginning of a worldwide rollout or it could be a simple mistake, but [Google translation] has reported that four regional versions of the long-awaited TomTom iPhone app have been placed in the New Zealand App Store. tomtom_iphone1Prices are as follows: - U.S. & Canada: NZD 124.99 (US $84.41) - Western Europe: NZD 179.99 (US $121.55) - Australia: NZD 104.99 (US $79.90) - New Zealand: NZD 119.99 (US $81.03) These prices are, of course, only for the software itself.  The TomTom car kit's price point and release date remain a mystery.  We are also unsure what this means for the special TomTom media event that was said to take place on September 22nd.  Maybe it isn't iPhone-related after all? How do you feel about these prices if they hold true?  Is TomTom asking too much?  Or is this about what you expected? [Thanks to garethjs for the tip!]

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