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Want To Learn How To Port iPhone Apps To Windows Mobile? Microsoft Will Show You How

August 3, 2009


Microsoft has decided to reach out a helping hand and publish a case study that details how to port an iPhone app to its Windows Mobile platform.  Now Windows Mobile users may finally have access to the countless fart apps we so thoroughly enjoy. The post on Microsoft's Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) site is a case study that documents the experience of one iPhone app developer in porting the app Amplitutude to a device running Windows Mobile 6.5.  The report itself was actually created by a third-party consulting group. Amplitude is an iPhone app that is able to detect and amplify basically any sound directly around a user.  The app was chosen for the porting project because it is difficult to port, so it should provide a good learning experience for Windows Mobile developers.
"It combines a rich user interface with features such as alpha blending and transparency with specific audio and sound requirements, which makes it challenging to port the app but, at the same time, provides a number of helpful learning experiences," he wrote.
Microsoft intends to launch their Windows Marketplace sometime during the fall.  As an incentive, they will be offering prizes for the most popular apps. This is a logical move by Microsoft.  What better way is there to lure developers over to your side than by simply having them port their already made apps with an step-by-step walkthrough?  The incentives for the most popular apps obviously won't hurt either. Are any of you fed up iPhone developers intrigued by the idea of moving your apps over to Windows Mobile? [via Windows Team Blog]

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