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Wikimedia Foundation Releases Official Wikipedia App, Wikipedia Mobile

August 18, 2009


Wikimedia Foundation has released their official iPhone and iPod touch app to access Wikipedia, and it is aptly titled Wikepedia Mobile. wikipediamobile_screenWikipedia Mobile's code is 100 percent open source and community built, so if you are an intelligent programmer who is good at JS/HTML5, feel free to lend them a hand.  The app in its current state is meant to be "very simple and very fast," which is all fine and dandy, but it's at the expense of features. Wikipedia Mobile simply features search, forward and back, home, refresh, and history.  That's a far cry from all of the features contained within other free and paid Wikipedia apps in the App Store.  As time goes by, hopefully the community will add more and more user-requested features to make this app the best it can be. Wikipedia Mobile is available in the App Store for free. [Thanks to garethjs for the tip!]

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