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10tons' Genre-Mashing Shooter Boom Brigade Hits The App Store

September 21, 2009


Developer 10tons new genre-mashing iPhone and iPod touch game Boom Brigade is now available in the App Store.  If you are a fan of line drawing, tower defense, or top-down shooter games, this one is definitely worth a look. boombrigade_screenBoom Brigade should appeal to a wide variety of gamers thanks to its unique blend of gameplay elements.  In the game you will be controlling up to three troopers at a time by drawing lines all over the screen in an attempt to defend your bunker from the evil alien horde.  Your troopers will fire automatically, so your job is to simply maneuver them to keep them out of trouble.  The aliens also drop loot when destroyed, which can be used to heal and upgrade your troops and repair your bunker.  Each trooper can be equipped with a bazooka, minigun, or a shotgun. Boom Brigade is now available in the App Store for $.99.  However, on September 30th the price will be raised to $2.99. Embedded below is a gameplay trailer for Boom Brigade.

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Boom Brigade
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