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Gameloft Has Sold A Whopping 6 Million Paid Games Through The App Store

September 2, 2009


Gameloft has announced that it has sold over 6 million paid games through Apple's App Store.  If you take into account that the App Store is only about 14 months young, the feat seems even more amazing.  I am no math wiz, but that's something like 14,000+ games sold per day! Gameloft's catalog is quite diverse, containing everything from casual to hardcore games.  They currently offer 35 games in the App Store, 18 of which have made it into the top 10 paid games list worldwide.  The iPhone OS is their number one platform, which seems pretty obvious at this point.
“From the distribution model to the types of games available, the App Store has completely revolutionized the way handheld games are played, perceived and received,” said Michel Guillemot, chairman and CEO, Gameloft. “Our strategy from the onset has been twofold. First we deliver an aggressive line-up of high quality games and then we adapt in real time to consumer needs. With over 6 million paid games sold, it has proven to be quite successful.”
The company plans to launch 15-30 titles for the App Store through the end of 2009.  That's a whole lot of titles to squeeze in before the end of the year, but if anyone can do it, Gameloft can.  At this point, we are only aware of three of those new titles: Modern Combat: Sandstorm, Dungeon Hunter, and Avatar.  Which of those three are you most excited for?

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