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Gamer's Corner: Megan Fox Helps Sell iPhone Games?

September 30, 2009


Sorry, no half nude pictures of Megan Fox in this one. But I bet I got you to click the link, huh? Alright, all that aside, I read an interesting article over at the other day and I felt it warranted some discussion in the comments section. The other night, Megan Fox was a guest on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon promoting one of her new films. During the discussion, Megan told Jimmy and the auidence that she is incredibly addicted to the iPhone game, Sally's Spa. sallyOkay, good for her right? That's what I though at the time. I mean the game is alright, but doesn't really appeal to someone like me nor is it even in any "Top" lists anymore. So who really cares, right? Well, apparently a lot of people do because since the broadcast Sally's Spa has gone from not being in the "Top 100" at all to climbing all the way to number 55 in a matter of a few days. I can only imagine where the game will sit once Monday hits and more people find out about her comment on the show. So I guess if your new iPhone app needs some publicity, just get someone of Megan's stature to promote your game on national television. Now whether she was aware of this or not doesn't really matter because the game is shooting back up the charts either way. Has anyone out there now bought this game because of this? Or maybe you've heard of the game now because it's back in the Top 100? Do any of you even care? Would you go out and buy an app just because a celebrity uses it? We all download a lot of the apps featured in the iPhone commercials so it makes sense that a little unintentional promotion from an actor would do the same, right? I'd really love to hear what you think... super-menu

Game App of the Week

I played a lot of different games this week and I think my favorite of them all is Super Shock Football. Remember those old electronic football games from the 70's where the players buzzed around the board going in all directions? super-gameplay You never really scored and the game was more novelty than anything else. Well, now there is an iPhone version that is actually a lot of fun. The players still go in random directions, but you have a few more options in this one like back laterals and the passing actually works. What a shock, right? No pun intended.

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