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Review: Boggle

September 8, 2009



boggle-shakeHas anyone out there not heard of Boggle? I find that hard to believe. However, in case you're one of the few...Boggle is a word puzzle game where the object is to come up with as many words as possible in the alloted time. Shake the letter cubes and when you are done, string together letters in order to form words. Easy, right? The words must be at least three letters long so no words like he, it, to, etc. are allowed. It's a little bit like Scrabble and a little bit like the bubble from the game Sorry. Add a time limit and you have the entertaining game of Boggle.


boggle-wordsThe main feature included in the app has to be the three different game modes. There is the Challenge Mode, where you must race the clock as you come up with as many words as possible. This is the main mode of the game and the one most will be familiar with. The next is the Advanced Mode. Here you can adjust the speed of the game and basically make it more or less difficult depending on your level of expertise. The last is the Self-Score Mode where you can basically make up your own rules as you attempt to turn those pesky letter cubes into words. The game has what the devs call "Smart Controls." Basically, shake your device to shuffle the letter cubes and tap and drag to spell the words. You can play your own music through the iPod and there is a reward bonus for forming the longest word, the best word, and the one that uses the most letters.


The Good:

boggle-statsI really enjoyed the controls on this game. They're incredibly responsive and it just makes the gameplay that much easier. The look and feel of the game are equally impressive and the layout of the board works very well here. Not much else to say...if you like Boggle and word puzzle games, this is one of the best the is.

The Bad:

I really couldn't find much wrong here. Either you like Boggle and word puzzle games or you don't. There really isn't much else to say. This is Boggle in electronic format and its been done really well.

The Verdict

As I mentioned earlier, you either like Boggle or you don't. If you do, then this is a great version of a classic game. Everything here is done really well and it's another hit in my opinion from Electronic Arts. They've turned almost every classic game into a popular and amazing app and this one is no different.

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