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Review: Clock Radio

September 6, 2009



Another iphone alarm clock trying to compete with the original. So far doing a pretty good job, mostly because the original doesn'thave many features that someone with an imagination might want. Clock Radio gives you the basic clock radio features that you have probably used in the past, and brings a bit of familiarity and comfort. img_0388


Clock Radio simply gives you a display with the ability to turn the radio on, off, or on alarm. You have access to 500 genres of music from all different radio stations to choose from. Last you have the ability to change the color displays.

The Breakdown

The Good

The interface is quite attractive and something I wouldn't mind looking at over and over again, and the volume meter adds to the ambience. The ability to choose from vast amounts of radio stations is also a big plus. Most of all you can wake up to the radio as you used to back in the day. Other apps with similar features don't really have the user interface that this app has and if you are going to have something to look at when you wake up, why not something decent.

The Bad

Clock Radio can use a few more features, for example it could let you set alarms by days, or even have multiple alarms. While I like the simplicity of the old clock radios, I feel like there could be more. The developers should have probably benefited from a few extra features to set them apart from all other apps in the App Store.

The Ugly

There have been complaints that the alarm didn't go off because of the signal. Though the app should have a alternate radio station feature to avoid that, in their defense they do show signal strength. Another issue is that the display cannot be dimmed, which can be bothersome, because again, you didn't ask for a night light.

The Verdict

I might buy this app just for the simplistic features, but I would love to see a lot more done to make it more equipped for a technological master piece such as the iPhone. The developers would benefit from adding features that other clocks in the App Store don't necessarily have. It does what it does well, but it doesn't blow you away, which in the end means that it's just another alarm app. I would get it just because I prefer the display over some of the other apps. [gallery]

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