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Review: Elven Chronicles

September 29, 2009



Elven Chronicles is a deluxe Role Playing Game (RPG), and the winner of Pop Vox’s Best Mobile Game. We gave you a sneak peek, and now the game ported to the iPhone is available in the App Store. Big Blue Bubble, Inc. states that there is 20 hours of gameplay included. You play as a young Knight (Rogan) and a healer elf (Jada) together progressing through massive territories battling multiple creatures along the way. This is a turn based strategy game requiring you to increase your skills as you progress to face tougher opponents. Elven_level


The main feature is that it provides classic console RPG gameplay and design for the iPhone, which is a very rare type of game in the App Store. As you progress you will gain new magical powers including fire, lightning, and dark magic as well as flam plunge and carve. Your character follows your finger placement on screen. There are twisters on the play area to indicate new battles. In the battles you will face tons of enemies including minotaurs, gargoyles, elemental water, and deluxe boss battles. Elven_dragon

The Good

The turn based RPG gameplay is outstanding, and the very best reason to pick this game up. As you play more battles you increase your level, and keep picking up new magic. By level 10 Jada has 10 different spells to cast with fire, earth, lightning, dark, and holy magic. Rogan picks up new powers as well with devastating blow from flame/ice plunge or carve. The battles become tougher and tougher requiring you to use varying magical types depending on the type of enemy your fighting. With two players on your side, and usually two opponents there is definitely tough decisions to make as you make it to higher levels. The visuals are spot on for console classic RPG, but I would have like to seen a refresh for the iPhone. The sound effects are nice from the outstanding enchanted background music to the sound effects of the various characters. If you want to make it through this game you will spend a lot of time with this title. If you aren't engaged from the beginning you may never make it very far into the game. Elven_map

The Bad

The game takes awhile to get into with a pretty slow start with basic battles. If you build up your level appropriately, many battle become too easy as your defense and attack increase as well as your health and magic capacities. The enemies don't increase as quickly as you do, so more often than not it's a bore rather than requiring strategy. The boss battles are different, but it takes quite awhile to get to them. Another aspect that takes a long time is traveling back to the town to get a new quest. Once you complete a quest, it is an extreme hassle to walk all the way back to town as it takes at least 10 minutes (no wonder there's 20 hours of gameplay). As great as this game is for RPG fans, if you've never played the category this game doesn't bring you into the fold. This game isn't welcoming to newcomers, as it would just come across as boring.

The Verdict

If you're a fan of old school RPG this is an outstanding game. The turn based gameplay is top notch, and truly is the best RPG in the App Store. If you're not a fan of RPG, or have never played it, then this game isn't for you. At $3.99 you will want to make it through all 20 hours of gameplay, but I don't know if you'll want to. Elven Chronicles doesn't introduce anything new to the genre, but excels at bringing a deluxe RPG to the iPhone. This is definitely worth considering based upon your relationship with RPGs. This is really a love/hate game, and it truly depends on your tastes. Below is a more in depth video than the sneak peek one. Shows tougher enemies, and more magical powers. [gallery link="file" columns="4"] To win a copy of Elven Chronicles just leave a comment below. It would help us if in your comment you would let us know whether you would like us to increase our rating scale to out of /10. Also whether or not you would like a top rated game/app chart on the front page. The winners will be chosen randomly at the end of the day Today (9/28 at 11:59 PM PDT). Download codes are only redeemable through US iTunes accounts. Please remember to include a valid email address so we can contact the winner.

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