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Review: Fizz Weather

September 2, 2009



Fizz Weather (Yea I know, what is the deal behind the "fizz"?), is an application that goes above and beyond the needs of the ordinary man to forecast for a specific audience; the man with a million plans and in need of picture perfect accuracy. It gives you details that on ordinary forecast can claim to. img_0246


  • The Basic - The application like the pre-installed app gives you a choice of cities. So you are definitely not losing out over there.
  • It gives you a five day forecast or if you are just that weather crazy a fifteen day one as well. Or if you want to get very specifc there is also a two day forecast that divides your day into well day and night (big surprise right).
  • The application gives you the choice of four different kinds of maps; Forecast map with little suns and such(which is what you see behind the weather girl if you can get your eyes away from her), Sateimg_0248llite where you can see the moving storms, Radar, and an option that takes you to the google map of the area.
  • There is an airport section that tells you if their are delays in any of the airports found in your city of choice.
  • Then there is the weather warnings that show up on the upper right hand corner in case you were upset that the government didn't tell you that the whirling tower of wind approaching you was a Tornado.
The coolest of all the features are the charts which can be viewed best in landscape. The charts show trends by hours days or weeks. You can find the chart for the wind, precipitation, comfort level, humidity, and the temperature.

The Breakdown


The Good

I started the app with the assumption I was going to run into another sub par app trying to compete with the original pre-loaded app. First thing that caught my eye was the beautiful interface. The next things was the charts. The next all the additional features. By the time I was done with it I didn't want to stop fooling around with it. I found myself looking for details that I wouldn't have cared for. I was looking for sunrises and sunsets. I loaded up all the cities I have visited and had a blast trying to figure out the weather in places like Bali. This app provides more weather than I need, but everything I want. I replaced the original weather app spot on my iphone with this one, and I would have deleted the original if I had the chance. I can't go back to the lame app apple provided.

The Bad

img_0251 Well I guess I don't care for the three seconds it takes to load up but can't see myself complaining about it too much. Some of the other dear folks had an issue with hourly weather forecasts. It doesn't have exact details to the hour but it does have a chart. that shows hourly progress. I wouldn't know what to do with more details but I can understand if some of you out there need that. There is a demand for more localized radar service which should be coming soon but isn't something that personally hindered me.

The Ugly

I am happy to say that I found no ugliness in this very well polished app.

The verdict

I have tried this app and I can't go back to the original pre-installed app, no way no how. I am so glad that my job provides me with such apps to satisfy my unnecessary addiction to material possessions. Not really. I am not very dependent on excess, and therefore can honestly say that this app offers too much detail for me. Anyone out there who is interested in weather this much, I say this is a must must have. But if you are like me and like to enjoy a twelve hour weather delay at JFK, because it is the beautiful uncertainty of life then to heck with it. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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