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Review: Jurassic 3D Rollercoaster Rush

September 20, 2009



The title for this one pretty much says it all: Take control of a rollercoaster as you fly past a 3D Tyrannosaurs Rex, Viking ships, and take your unsuspecting passengers underwater too. It's fast, crazy, and incredibly addictive.


The game includes over forty different tracks in Career mode as well as the ability to replay all of these tracks in Challenge mode too. With OS 3.0 or higher installed, you can play the game with a friend over a Bluetooth connection in ten of the levels featured in the game. You have the ability to perform stunts and unlock achievements like Hyper Speed, Extreme Air, Crushing G's, and much more. You also have the choice of using either the accelerometer or touch based controls to make the coaster go faster or slower.

The Breakdown

The Good: I loved this game. I'm a big fan of rollercoaster rides and this game really does a great job of capturing the "speed" element of actually being in one of the carts and racing along the tracks. The graphics look amazing and when you grab some "Extreme Air" in this game, you can almost feel your insides lurch forward as the carts in the game come sailing back toward the earth. jurassic-3d-rollercoaster-rush-dino

The Bad:

Forty levels sounds like a lot, right? Well, it's not and you can play through this entire game in a matter of hours. There really isn't a lot of replay value here and I just wanted more. The Challenge mode is okay, but not nearly as much fun as the Career mode.

The Verdict

This game is a lot of fun, a lot. I was so addicted to this game a played through every level in a matter of minutes. The game isn't very long though, so try out the Free version first and make sure this is something you are going to really want to play and spend that five dollars on. [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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