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Review: NewsAddict

September 4, 2009



The name says it all. This is like feeding crack to a baby, a crack baby that is (too far or not far enough?). This application gives you access to news from various sources to fulfill your addiction. You can know most things happening in the world around you simply by clicking the right link.


  • The home screen boasts of forty one media sources to get you the most appropriate news faster. The set up that resembles a news stand is effective in its delivery.
  • The website hosts search engines, newspapers, and even television channels with videos from their websites.
  • You have the option of going back to stand simply by clicking the bottom right of your screen which pops up a menu that will direct you back.
  • There is also a tilt read feature, which scrolls the text when you tilt the Iphone.
  • The app also claims calibrate according to the way you are holding the Iphone, in order to optimize your reading potential.

The Breakdown

img_0287The Good

The app is very effective in doing what it claims to do. I have never felt so comfortable, knowing that I have all the news papers and news sources only a click away from me. The app makes the individual apps for the newspaper pointless. Why download the NewYork Times app, even if it free, if you can get that and a lot more in one app. I have friends who follow news religiously, and to them this is a heaven send. This does what it claims, it feeds that addiction, the constant nag in the back of your brain telling you that you must know everything.

The Bad

The interface allows for too many media outlets that cannot be arranged according to the users preference. A newer better version might want to give the user the ability to organize which img_0290 newspapers/sources the prefer over the others. Another reviewer asked for a "read later" feature, which I think will add to the personalization of the app. Right now this is no different from your newsstand, almost too much variety. You have to realize this is an Iphone, a personal device, you might want to have only your personal favorites as the first ten newspapers, and you should be able to. Another issue that was raised was the pictures of Obama found on the app, some consider it immaturity or bias on the part of the developers. I would have to agree to that. I would not have taken issue with it but if my readers might be hindered by the bias that the image posses than I must include it in my review.

The Ugly

img_0288 Honest beyond honesty this app is simply bookmarks to the actual websites.

The Verdict

Despite the few issues such as the obvious developer bias, I believe this is still a worthy app. Absolutely, the addition of "read later" and a more personalized home screen would do wonders for the app and push it beyond the five stars, but truth be told the rolling stones said "you can't always get what you want." With this app "you get what you need" to fulfill your addiction. I would say this is a must buy if you really like to be up to date. However if you are a one or two newspaper man or woman than either download those apps or just save the link on your screen. I wouldn't have bought it just because I am fine with having BBC on my computer. I don't need the extravagant newspaper stand.

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