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Review: Sex-A-Ma-Phone

September 4, 2009



It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a machine that gives you funny readings when you blow into it, it lives in your iPhone, and yes it does have a sexualimg_0356 overtone.


There are no specific features to Sex-A-Ma-Phone. It's a simple app that does what it says. It never claimed to help you climb Mount Everest or even get the hottest chick/dude at the party. It simply says it will make you the center of attention by giving you sex appeal on a funky meter. Blow into it - it collects your breath (not actually) in a cylinder and analyzes it to rate you as hot or not.

The Breakdown

img_0358The Good

Sex-A-Ma-Phone might not give you the results you were looking for, but you can't deny that it is a good conversation piece. For example, say you are hanging out and the conversation seems to be taking a down turn, you look around and there are a couple of cute girls in your group (you still don't know how), so you take Sex-A-Ma-Phone out and start showing it around. The girl you like turned out to be a "Tart", and the girl you thought was disgusting turned out to be "Hot".

The Bad

If you step into a party and start blowing into the Sex-A-Ma-Phone app the creators say you would be the star of the party. Personally, I don't really understand how blowing into your phone can ever be considered attractive or interesting. So if you make it out of the party without a straight jacket I call it a victory. It might be a good conversation starter, but what if that girl you think is hot gets a not-so-hot rating... she might want to find someone new to talk to.

The Ugly

img_0361 The biggest issue is that occasionally when you blow there will be no reading. So you blow again and again and again until it finally starts analyzing your breath. Unfortunately you stopped caring after the second time you blew into it because you realized your breath stunk. How long had that been going on? and why didn't your friends tell you????

The Verdict

If you are one of those people who carries around an eight ball for conversation rather than predictions then Sex-A-Ma-Phone is for you. For 99 cents it's almost worth getting just to show off to my friends and have a few laughs. It all depends on the crowd you hang out with, because 99 cents is nothing if you feel like it might get you a potential girlfriend - you never know...  whipping out  Sex-A-Ma-Phone might get a laugh out of her - and women love funny guys, at least that's what I hope. [gallery]

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