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Review: Snood

September 2, 2009



Grab weird little face guys and fire them at other weird little face guys to clear the board. If you have any idea what I'm talking about then you must be familiar with the very causal and entertaining game of Snood. It's a little bit like Bust-A-Move with a fews parts of Tetris thrown in there just for fun.


snood-levelThe game comes with many different game modes for you to play around with. You can play the "Classic" mode to play the original game of Snood. There is an option to play head-to-head over WiFi for some multiplayer action or challenge your friends on Facebook by sending an invite to them. The game has Push notifications included in it so you can send as well as receive those invites I was talking about a second ago. You can play your own music from your iPod if you choose to do so as well. The game has over 100 puzzles and 5 difficulty levels that range from Easy to Evil (good luck on that one). The game has also been redesigned with new 3D graphics and a slew of new characters like DaBomb, Wildcard, and the Joker just to name a few.


The Good:

snood-level3 Having never played the original game on my computer, this was my first time with Snood. It has a lot going for it. I really enjoyed the animations on the characters faces as you play the game. Just a fun little feature that adds a little bit more to the game. The graphics look great and the game is smooth in terms of gameplay and it's frame rate. I also enjoyed the sounds and music of the game. As with the animations in the game, the sounds also add that little extra bit of fun to the game. Not really functional, but a great addition nevertheless.

The Bad:

snood-level2 As I said, I've only played this game on the iPhone and never anywhere else. So for me, the game felt too much like Bust-A-Move. I got really bored with it and to be honest, it didn't really hold my attention after an hour of play. It has some good things going for it, but I just didn't see anything here that I haven't played before. Not to mention that for $3.99, this game feels redundant and tired to me. I expected a lot more for the four bucks and the Electronic Arts name that's attached to it.

The Verdict

After reading a lot of user reviews on this game, the general consensus is that this game doesn't measure up to its computer counterpart. Now, having not played the original, I can't really comment on that. However, I also was less than impressed with this one. Especially seeing as how the game has a four dollar price tag on it. Is it fun? Sure. But is it worth your four dollars? [gallery link="file" columns="4"]

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