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Sneak Peek: 33rd Division - Look Out Harbor Master & Flight Control...Plus Blimp Giveaway

September 17, 2009

33rd division_title

33rd Division is from Craneballs Studios, the makers of Blimp - The Flying Adventures. It is a line drawing game similar to Harbor Master and Flight Control, but amazingly different. The entire game is set in WWII, and the object is to draw a path for your soldiers to reach their mark on the opposite end. You have to do this without enemy patrols noticing them, and that’s what makes it so tough. 33rd divison_caen One solider is on screen at a time, unless you tap to bring another soldier in. As you’re soldier is progressing towards his end point, you can tap on him at any time for him to lay down, and be invisible to the enemies. This is an invaluable tactic that brings so much more strategy into the genre. Instead of mad swiping at the screen, you actively plan your routes, and execute them. The game never gets boring because you always have to keep an eye on your soldier, always ready to tap him, or adjust his route to keep him unnoticed. Two game modes are included with time mode, and life mode. In time mode you have to get each soldier into the zone in a certain amount of time. Life mode on the other hand gives you a certain number of lives, and each time you’re spotted you lose a life. 33rd division_types There are four maps at launch across Europe. There are three types of soldiers: general infantry, medic, and sergeants. They have different speeds, and are worth different points. Also included are power-ups including score bonus, life bonus, freeze enemies, and double speed. There are eight in total, and you will need every one. The game incorporates Open Feint allowing you to submit your high scores globally. 33rd division_mortar In playing the preview build I found this game to reinvent the tired line drawing genre. The game is just so inventive by creating a WWII atmosphere, and allowing you to pause your soldiers. The game feels like you're playing the classic movie, The Great Escape or how it would be to control the Fieldrunners, rather than building towers to kill them. The game is very nicely designed, similar to Blimp. According to Craneballs Studios the game will be submitted next week, and if all goes good with Apple it should be in the App Store in early October. It will be launched with an introductory price of $0.99. We will have a detailed review when 33rd Division hits the App Store. Please see my video below, of the gameplay in action. Note* At 1:25 of the video, I added The Great Escape theme song, it’s not part of the game, but oh so accurate. Craneballs studios has been kind enough to provide four promo codes for Blimp-The Flying Adventures. An outstanding game, and here's our review. To enter all you have to do is leave a comment telling us what feature you would like to see, or what feature we already have that should be improved. This can be our reviews, appisodes, app lists, sneak peeks, what ever you think. Any comment you leave will be entered though, but your thoughts would help us. The winners will be chosen randomly at the end of the day Friday (9/17 at 11:59 PM PDT). Download codes are only redeemable through US iTunes accounts. Please remember to include a valid email address so we can contact the winner.

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