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Sneak Peek: Elven Chronicles - Best RPG yet on the iPhone?

September 24, 2009


I was lucky enough to get a preview build of Big Blue Bubble’s game Elven Chronicles. This game is a deluxe RPG with all the elements you would expect. img_2300 You’re given tasks, and then progress out into the world. When you meet up with a twister it starts a duel. Then it’s a turn based match between you and varying monsters with war cats, minotaur, gargoyles and more. As you progress the twisters change color depending on the difficulty of your opponents. You play as Rogan and Jada, and each match you win increases their level of HP and magic. Rogan is the warrior and Jada is the healer. There is a very involved story that unfolds as you increase your level. To reach new parts of the game you need to improve your skill to a certain level. The game plays very well, as you move your character by holding your finger on the screen, and your character will follow. When in battle it's just a tapping on the action icon you want. It's not always obvious what to do, but there is a map as well as a current task log. img_2306 In the battles you will need more strategy as you progress with multiple tougher enemies to match your two characters. You also collect items as you progress with stronger swords, healer, and magic restore. If you even remotely like RPG's this game is definitely worth a look when it comes out. It was submitted on September 18th, and counting the two week approval window from Apple, we should expect to see it a week from now.


The game will launch at $3.99 (30% off). Also the developer puts the game in their own words: "With a massive 20 hours of captivating story, vast territories to explore, randomly generated dungeons, and gorgeous, hand drawn enemies and characters, Elven Chronicles will keep even the most seasoned RPG’er engaged." We will have a detailed review when it enters the App Store. My video of the game can show you how the game is played, and also included is the intro storyline.

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