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What Apps Should We Review in September? Plus Top Paid Apps

September 3, 2009

Top 5

The App Store is loaded with apps, but sadly there's no proper way to find good ones. Well we here at AppAdvice are here to help. Just leave a comment letting us know what apps you would like to see reviewed in Septemeber. It's completely up to you, since you have the final say. Plus a breakdown of the top selling apps for the first week of September. Is there an app that you have been waiting to buy, but just not quite sure? Is there an app that your waiting for a price drop using Bargain Bin, well maybe its worth it at the current price, just ask. Ultimately you can finally know whether apps you're considering are worth it. Now we are not promising that we will review all the apps mentioned, but ones that are worthy will definitely get taken into consideration. Please see all the reviews we’ve written to make sure your request hasn’t already been covered.


The most popular Paid Apps currently in the first week of September: 1.) Geared ($0.99) 2.) Convert ~ the unit calculator ($0.99) 3.) Alive 4-Ever ($0.99) 4.) Camera Genius ($0.99) 5.) Frogger ($1.99) 6.) Family Guy ($0.99) 7.) Sheep Launcher Plus ($0.99) 8.) Cooking Dash ($2.99) 9.) THE GAME OF LIFE Classic Edition ($4.99) 10.) iFitness ($1.99) Six of the Top Ten selling apps are games which is no surprise. Headed by Bryan Mitchell's puzzler Geared. The new virtual stick survival shooter Alive 4 Ever has taken the App Store by storm vaulting up to the third spot. The classic Frogger's recent sale puts it at number five. Sheep Launcher Plus!, Cooking Dash, and The Game of Life are 7, 8, and 9 providing a simple casual game, time management, and a classic board game. From the makers of a game (Tap Tap Revolution) comes the very slick and useful Convert. Camera Genuis is the newest of many camera apps to make it to the Top Ten. Family Guy's recent update and price drop moves it back up to the top paid apps. Rounding out the Top Ten iFitness providing a huge catalog of exercises, and who couldn't use that? Join us every month to let your voice be heard. What apps should we review in September?

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