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Apple Angry Over Australian Logo

October 5, 2009


In what seems like quite a legal stretch for the Cupertino company; Apple has decided to challenge Australian company Woolworths over its latest logo, claiming that its too close to its own. Woolworths's logo does not look anything like the iconic bitten apple, but Apple is still asking IP Australia to reject their logo trademark application filed last year. IP Australia is the governing body over intellectual property in the land of Oz, and Woolworths is the country's largest retailer. Woolworths insists the new logo is not an apple, but a W shaped like a piece of fresh produce. Apple declined to comment, so one can only speculate about their motives and whether or not this legal move has anything to do with Woolworths trademark application, which could encompass electronics and technology if approved. A trademark lawyer, Trevor Choy, said that it is normal for Apple to prevent companies from using similar symbols, but the logo's designer, Hans Hulsbosch, criticized Apple's decision saying: "Based on this logic, they would have to take action against every fruit-seller." Does Apple own the apple? It will be interesting to see what the Aussies think.

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