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Apple Stores Upgrade to iPod Touch Scanners

October 29, 2009


Reports are circulating about the portable checkout devices Apple uses in its retail stores. The rumors - which are gaining credibility - claim that the Cupertino (Calif.) company plans to ditch the Windows based Symbol Pocket PC's it uses for new iPod Touch EasyPay scanners. The new devices are being described as an iPod Touch with some added hardware; a credit card scanner and barcode readers, and are said to be much smaller than the Windows based EasyPay devices that Apple introduced in 2005. One report cites an existing EasyPay user as saying: "I hate these things. In the middle of a transaction, I'll hit 'next' and end up dumped back at the login screen. It's so frustrating." Apple already uses its own brand of computes at check-out, but to speed up the process and enhance the retail shopping experience they've given Apple Store employees the handheld devices. Anyone that bought their iPhone after waiting in a line in front of the Apple Store, probably did so through an EasyPay terminal. Apple is also experimenting with the idea of letting Apple Store employees accept cash and carry it back to the counter. Currently, only credit card payments can be taken by an EasyPay device. There aren't any pictures of the new iPod Touch hardware yet, but if you happen to capture one, send it in. [email protected]

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