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Boom Brigade Updated And On Sale For 48 Hours

October 26, 2009


10tons' genre-mashing shooter Boom Brigade recently received its first major update, and to help spread the word they have decided to place the game on sale for a 48 hour period beginning immediately. boombrigade_screenBoom Brigade should appeal to a relatively large pool of gamers thanks to its blend of top-down shooter, tower defense, and line-drawing gameplay elements that really give it a unique feel.  And although the game contains a large mix of genres, it is relatively simple to learn yet difficult to master. In the game you will be controlling multiple troopers by drawing lines with your finger all over the screen in an attempt to defend your bunker from the evil alien horde.  Your troopers will fire automatically, so your job is to simply maneuver them to keep them out of harm's way.  The aliens will drop loot when destroyed, which can be used to heal and upgrade your troops and repair your bunker.  Each trooper can be equipped with a bazooka, minigun, or a shotgun, or at least that was true until v1.1 was released. Boom Brigade v1.1 features a new Pyro trooper class that can wield the new "flamer" gun.  The update also adds a brand new shop with all kinds of new upgrades, Boom Brigade comics, an alien encyclopedia, and last but not least, a new world with new aliens and bosses.  That's a whole lot of new. So, to help spread the word of all of this newness, Boom Brigade is on sale for $.99 for the next 48 hours.

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