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EyeTV Can Stream Live TV Over 3G With This Simple Trick

October 3, 2009


Developers definitely have a lot to consider when creating an iPhone app.  They have to decide on what specific features to include, UI design, general ease of use, and a ton of other tedious items that I couldn't even possibly begin to consider.  The one thing developers don't have to worry about is whether or not to allow streaming video apps to operate over 3G, because Apple and AT&T have already made that decision for them, at least in most cases.  Some developers, however, don't like being told what to do, including Elgato's team, because they chose to include a workaround in their new EyeTV app that allows you to stream live TV over 3G. eyetv_3gscreen1Normally when you launch EyeTV on your iPhone and attempt to stream live TV over 3G, a message appears indicating that such activity is simply not allowed.  The message states "Live TV requires a Wi-Fi network connection," but apparently that's not entirely true.  Instead of tapping "OK" and allowing AT&T to win this battle, simply tap anywhere else within that dialog box.  The message will magically disappear and from that point on everything should operate just as usual without a Wi-Fi connection. This simple workaround doesn't require any extra software or the need to jailbreak, but once Apple catches wind of this you can be sure EyeTV will be yanked from the App Store without warning, so go enjoy live TV streaming over 3G while you can!

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