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Gamefly Enters The App Store With The GameCenter

October 23, 2009


Gamefly, the video games rental service, just entered the App Store with its own app "GameCenter". GameCenter is a free app that lets you browse what it claims to be the:
Largest video game information resource on the App Store with more than 5,000 video game titles across all the major platforms
It provides you with user reviews, up-to-the minute news, cheats, codes and release dates. An interesting feature also if you're a Gamefly customer is the possibility to manage your game rental account directly from your iPhone. If you're a gamer this will definitely come in handy. You can rearrange your queue, or add games from your iPhone at any time. The interface is a little awkward though. Instead of easy drag to rearrange like in so many other apps, you have to manually change the numbers of the games. One thing hopefully gamefly will look into updating. Right now it feels a lot like their mobile site rather than a true app. I like to see synergy between platforms, it will also avoid you the pain of closing and opening the game again because you forgot that infinite ammo cheat... [Thanks to Trevor Sheridan for the tip]

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