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Geohot Did It Again, 05.11.07 Unlock Coming In 5 Days!

October 31, 2009


Geohot, the world famous iPhone unlocking genius just did it again, the 05.11.07 baseband has been cracked and the exploit will be available to the public in only 5 days under the name "Blacksn0w". So how did we get there ? Well, after releasing his new jailbreak method Blackra1n, Geohot announced that he will not be working on an unlock anytime soon. Fortunately Jody Sanders, a British "entrepreneur", offered him $10'000 to do it.

Well, who is this guy ? We first heard of Jody Sanders after he became the target of an online manhunt a few month ago when the Dev-Team found out that he had a little business going on where he was selling Dev Team's software.

This time Geohot found out that Sanders was also selling his jailbreaking solution and threatened him with a lawsuit. In response to that Sanders offered him 10k if he could unlock the latest baseband. Geohot accepted and said he'll do it in 24 hours, it took a little longer in the end but he still made it. This solution will allow you to unlock the latest versions of the iPhone 3G or 3Gs. Here is the video of the first unlocked 05.11.07 iPhone :

Congrats George Hotz!

[via @geohot]

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