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Gmail Gets Bigger

October 27, 2009


Apple's touch keypad is pretty easy to use but I certainly wouldn't recommend it for lengthy prose. Nonetheless, Google has extended the compose box on the iPhone's Gmail to - seemingly - infinity.

According to Jessica Dolcourt at CNET, this change was just implemented today. I'm pretty indifferent to the change, but I'd sure like to meet the man (or woman) who thumb-typed all the way to the end of the previous compose box and pointed it out to Google. Dolcourt reported: "the composition feature is available to iPhone and iPod users who reach Gmail via from the Safari browser," but that's not entirely accurate. You can type into oblivion by accessing your Google email via the Google Mobile account (which launches Safari), or you can use the iPhone's standard email app and compose ad nauseam.

Google Mobile has slowly been adding to its iPhone and iPod Touch app since it came out earlier this year. I can't say that this is a tremendous improvement, but maybe someone out there will be appreciative.

(Image via: CNET)

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