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Google Navigation App?

October 27, 2009


At, we take mobile navigation apps very seriously. So do our readers. We may disagree on which one is best, but we can all at least agree on the importance of an effective turn-by-turn directional tool for the iPhone.

The iPhone and iPod Touch currently come with the Google Maps app, a notoriously ineffective navigator but useful thanks to its search function and forgivable because it's free. Lately, the rumor mill has been humming with gossip about a forthcoming Google navigation program. A Google spokeswoman wouldn't comment on the rumors, saying only that consumers definitely want a navigation app from the search engine giant. Steve Andler, from Networks In Motion - creators of Gokivo GPS Navigator - had more to say: "Google has clearly been investing in mapping." Adler believes that the Google will inevitably join one of the most profitable mobile content markets, and is already headed in that direction. In this month alone; Google added ads to their Maps app, made their ads bigger, and extended search options for the iPhone browser. If Google released a navigation app, they'd most likely do it for free with ads. If they released a really good navigation app capable of competing with the other navigation programs in the App Store, they'd most likely put them all out of business.

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Gokivo GPS Navigator - turn-by-turn voice guidance for 30 days
Gokivo GPS Navigator - turn-by-turn voice guidance for 30 days
Networks In Motion, Inc.

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