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How To Make An Airplane iPhone Stand For Free Using Only On-Board Stuff

October 31, 2009

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The iPhone is an amazing travel companion, every time I take the plane I try to throw a couple of shows or movies on it and it really makes the whole trip a lot smoother. As I was flying to Paris today I remembered a pretty neat trick a German blogger came up with a couple of months ago, the free airplane iPhone stand. It's completely free and you can realize it with on board available tools in less than 5 minutes. Here is what you're gonna need : - An "Air Sickness bag", if you don't have one ask for it, somehow they're usually pretty quick at giving them out.


- A pen or something sharp, like keys 1. Fold the bag at one third from the bottom, it should look something like this:


2.Then insert your iPhone in the bag all the way to the spot where it's folded

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3. Using your pen go around the edges of the screen through the paper as to make a clear line on the paper, we’re gonna use this to cut the paper later and let you see the screen.If you don't have a screen protector try to be extremely gentle not to damage your screen.

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4. Gently rip off the square out of the bag

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5. Using your headphone's jack try to find the plug on the side and make a little hole so your headphones can go through

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You’re all set ! All you need to do now is stuck the paper in front of you at the point where your tablet closes. Using the fold we made earlier behind the bag you’re gonna be able to adapt the viewing angle.

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It's pure hype and eco-friendliness, you should also get ready to have the stewardesses compliment you on your smartness and creativity (I get this every time)...

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