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How To: Restore Tethering

October 20, 2009


Apple's recent iPhone update, 3.1.2 firmware, raised some concerns for jailbroken iPhone owners. Initially, 3.1.2 ruined tethering for jailbreakers -- but now there is a fix. A hack is available that re-enables your unauthorized iPhone Internet tethering. Below is a how-to for the fairly complicated tethering restoration process. One thing you should know; an automated version is almost certainly on the way. If you can wait for a simpler way to do this, it would be prudent to do so. For those with less patience, proceed with caution. Note: This is for Mac users only. Step 1: Read ALL instructions first. Step 2: Download the CommCenter patch. (Click here for iPhone 3G and here for iPhone 3GS). Save to your desktop. Step 3: Install OpenSSH on the iPhone. Step 4: Make sure iTunes is closed and connect your iPhone to the computer. Step 5: Click here to download Cyberdyck for Mac. Install and enter the following information when prompted: Server: enter your iPhone's IP address. (Go to Settings/Wi-Fi/Your Network to see your IP.)

Username: root Password: alpine Protocol: SFTP

Step 6: In Finder, go to System/ Library/ PrivateFrameworks/CoreTelephony.framework/Support/ and copy “CommCenter” to the desktop.

Step 7: Open the Terminal and enter: “cd Desktop bspatch CommCenter CommCenter-hacked CommCenter.patch” which will create another file on your desktop. Step 8: Delete CommCenter from your desktop and rename CommCenter-hacked to just CommCenter. Step 9: Rename CommCenter on your iPhone to CommCenter.backup to create a backup. Step 10: Copy to your iPhone using Cyberdyck. Right Click on the file and go to Info to change the permission to "775". Check all the boxes except the Group Write and Others Write ones. Step 11: Go to Settings/ General/ Network and you should have the option for Internet tethering enabled. Let us know how it worked for you.


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