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How To: Turn Your iPhone Into A Remote Speaker For Your Mac Or Windows

October 19, 2009
screen-shot-2009-10-18-at-50633-pm Ever wanted to play songs from your home office computer in your kitchen or living room without the expense of remote speakers? If you have an iPhone or iPod Touch, you can do just that! With this Airfoil you can transform your iPhone or iPod Touch into a portable speaker to listen to audio from any or all desktop programs on your Mac or PC. This tutorial shows the steps necessary for the Mac to broadcast audio to the iPhone or iPod Touch, but I'm sure the steps for windows are very similar. Step 1: Download Airfoil on your computer and Airfoil Speakers Touch on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Note: You can try Airfoil before you buy, but noise will be overlaid on all transmissions after 10 minutes. The programs purchase price is $25 for a single user license. screen-shot-2009-10-18-at-25051-pm Step 2: Install plugins required for Airfoil to fully operate
  • Open Airfoil on your computer and in the menu bar, click on Airfoil>Install Extras
  • Once these plugins are installed, you will need to restart your computer for them to take effect.
Note: Instant Highjack allows Airfoil to automatically switch programs with the sounds its broadcasting without having to restart that particular program. Soundflower allows all applications to be broadcast at once channeling your sound input directly into Soundflower screen-shot-2009-10-18-at-25153-pmscreen-shot-2009-10-18-at-25158-pm Step 3: Set up Airfoil Speakers Touch to receive your computers audio
  • First thing you want to do is make sure your computer and iPhone are on the same wireless network. (This is how they search for each other)
  • Launch Airfoil Speakers Touch and the desktop program will automatically search for it.
  • Once the desktop program has found your iPhone or iPod Touch, it will display in the list. To enable audio to be broadcasted to these devices, simply select the audio button to the left of the device name.
screen-shot-2009-10-18-at-32341-pmphoto-9 Step 4: Select which program you want to be broadcasted
  • Below the list of devices in Airfoil, there is a drop down menu that allows you to select which program you want sound to be broadcast. If the program you desire is not in the list, Select Other Application... and browse to the desired program.
screen-shot-2009-10-18-at-32614-pm Step 5: Enjoy your new remote speaker! You can also set your iPhone to require a password before accepting transmitted audio. Simply tap the settings icon in the upper right corner and enable Require Password then set your password and hit done. photo-21

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