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iPhone Exposé And Cover Flow Concept Videos Make Us Wonder, What If?

October 16, 2009


Ocean Observations' "What if the iPhone had..." videos have been gaining popularity over the last few days simply because they offer us glimpses at features that truly feel like they belong on the iPhone, so we just had to bring them to you.  Their two current videos demonstrate what it would be like to have Exposé- and Cover Flow-esque functionality on your iPhone. The first concept video shows off what it would be like to have an Exposé-like feature to manage your many, many apps.  By simply clicking the Home button, your iPhone would zoom out and display all of your pages with their apps.  The zoomed out view would also contain the Spotlight search function and badges for any apps that need your attention.  A simple tap on the page of choice would bring you to that page.

The second concept video is a bit more of a stretch but still worth checking out.  It features a Cover Flow-like UI that would display miniature images of all of your running apps.  The idea is to make multitasking even easier by making all of your running apps quickly accessible.  When an app is selected in the Cover Flow area, it would go full screen.  To go back to Cover Flow, you would simply double-tap the Home button.  You would be able to quit running apps by dragging them out of the Cover Flow view.

Of course these are just concept videos and none of this functionality is actually provided by Ocean Observations.  But what do you think?  Would you utilize either of these two concepts if they were available to you? [via MobileCrunch]

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