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NASA Releases App

October 23, 2009


The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), released their first app in the App Store today. This is the first app from the United States space program for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It gives users direct access to up-to-date space mission content, NASA mission updates, images, and video links. The app is also free, which is interesting, because the other similar space-tracking programs in the App Store aren't.

SpaceGeek has been doing the same thing NASA's app claims to do, and also streams NASA-TV 24/7, for two bucks. NASA News Reader offered breaking news, image of the day, NASA's twitter feed, and some other up-to-date space content for a dollar.

NASA's official app is really well done -- the images alone make it worth downloading. Perhaps the most compelling aspect of this app, though, is all the other apps it seems to have put out of business: overnight.



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