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Review: AppBox Pro

October 19, 2009



Tired of having all of those different apps filling your valuable iPhone screen space? All of them just doing a specific task, and that’s it. Well in comes AppBox Pro. AppBox Pro is one app that includes 18 apps within it. It truly is the swiss army knife of apps providing the abilities of many individual apps. Now you can track you battery life, calculate tips, use a flashlight, and so much more all within one app. Also my attempt to diversify my portfolio to more than just game reviews. appbox_unit


The apps included are: Battery Life, Clinometer, Currency Converter, Dashboard, Date Calculator, Days Until, Flashlight, Holidays, Loan Calculator, Period Calendar, Price Grab, Random Number Generator, Ruler, Sale Price, System Info, Tip Calculator, Translator, Unit Converter, Web Apps link (including google books and Collapse on the screen). You can choose which apps to include, and rearrange them in whatever order you prefer.

The Good

The best aspect of App box Pro is that you don’t need to have a bunch of apps to do separate things. You don’t need a separate tip calculator, unit converter, battery life checker, flashlight app, etc. Finally everything is in one place you can put on your home screen, and have it all with one tap. appbox_translator The user interface is simply gorgeous with a black background, and neon app icons. Each icon is designed well to easily identify what you’re looking for. Once you’re within one of the apps the overarching color scheme is maintained. Everything just seems to be polished extremely well, to make it easy to interact with which is the ultimate goal. Some apps are just information, but the ones that require input keep it simple. A number pad is at the bottom, and some include the basic pop-up scroll wheel. The entire set of apps do a great job of what they set out to do. When you want to translate something, measure something, or calculate a sale price it all works well. As special stand out apps I really liked the translator, random number generator, level (in the clinometer), and the battery life analyzer. Really though I liked all of them since they filled many needs all in one app. appbox_level

The Bad

Nothing much to dislike with this app. A minor complaint is that the individual apps aren’t as good as the stand alone ones from other developers. This is a fact, but did you expect them to? If you want a super powerful version of any of the individual apps, then go get it. I’ve never really needed any of these apps that much, only occasionally. App Box Pro is perfect for those situations. Some of the apps are unnecessary, and not as robust as standalone, so it depends how much you use these certain apps.

The Verdict

App Box Pro is one of the best apps in the App Store. It’s an outstanding idea to compile apps into one, and it has been executed wonderfully. Hopefully this becomes a trend, and we can see more apps combine the features of standalone apps. Lets cut the clutter. It would be great to have sports, weather, and movies in one app rather than too many features in each stand alone one. The app works flawlessly, looks great, and finally can clean up your iPhone space. Say goodbye to your tip calculator, flashlight, unit converter, battery life meter (insert app name here). App Box Pro should be on every iPhone, and is an easy must buy.

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