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Review: Finger Physics - Plus Video

October 29, 2009



Finger Physics is a stacking physics based puzzle game similar to Topple. You’re given pieces of all shapes and sizes that you need to stack. Finger Physics switches it up by adding all different types of mechanics making it more closely related to Topple 2. In every level it’s not just stacking, but making sure the structure is solid, and can stand for five seconds. Some levels require simple stacking to reach a certain point, on others you have to stack with magnetic blocks or explosive blocks, and then you have to stack underwater as well. Fingerphysics_gold


There are 9 stages, and each stage has 9 levels giving you 81 levels of physics puzzle fun. On each level you are given gold, silver, or bronze depending on the requirements of the level. You have to complete 6 levels to unlock the next stage. There are many different gameplay mechanics included that are randomly presented to you rather than 9 levels in a row of the same mechanic. Some levels require you to build to a certain height, others require you to just build a stable structure of difficult shapes, and there are also levels where you have to guide an egg to a basket. You will also have to build underwater where some blocks float and some sink, and then have to deal with magnetic blocks and explosive blocks. Open Feint is included, but there are only online high scores for the two free play levels in stage 8 and 9. A bunch of achievements are included of all types. Fingerphysics_high

The Good

Finger Physics provides quite a few different gameplay mechanics thrown at you randomly to keep you on your toes. It’s a fun game, there no doubt about it, and it great to try to build to a certain height on one level, and then on the next try to drop an egg into a bin. Each gameplay mode provides plenty of challenge. Overall the game is more about building as stable a structure as you can. In Topple 2 stability is necessary, but isn’t as important since the physics are more forgiving combined with your ability to tilt to balance the stack. Finger Physics has a great physics engine to properly portray the weight of the different pieces to make your stacking seem authentic. When you stack the pieces, each addition needs to be added precisely or you will be hurt later on. Also every level gives a score based on time so you can’t take too long to build them. Fingerphysics_freeplay The game isn’t too challenging, but challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. There are 81 levels to play, and tons of achievements to give you plenty of time with this cheap title. You will not be able to beat many levels the first time, especially if you want all gold. The game looks good with everything flowing so smoothly. The backgrounds are nicely designed, and change depending on the type of puzzle you encounter. A few pleasant background songs are included to just be mellow and figure out the puzzle. Only the tapping sound when you touch a piece is included as far as sound effects. The controls are as easy as can be, just drag a piece to place it, or tap a glass piece to break it. Fingerphysics_magnet

The Bad

The main problem with this game is that it’s eerily similar to Topple 2. Hopefully Ngmoco doesn’t try to remove it from the App Store like how Stoneloops got jobbed. Finger Physics just doesn’t seem to provide anything new, and really does less than Topple 2. The biggest thing working against Finger Physics is that Topple 2 is now free, and it’s tough to compete against a superior product that’s less expensive than yours. The main thing missing in Finger Physics is the accelerometer control of Topple that you use to balance your stack. Only two free play levels are included which is definitely a bummer. Also online highs scores are limited to only 2 of 81 levels which is really sad. Also Topple 2 has personality packed in to it, exemplified by the chancing faces of the pieces.

The Verdict

Finger Physics is a fun physics based puzzle game that finds a good balance between challenge and fun. It’s main downfall is that it is so similar to the outstanding, plus+ enabled, and free Topple 2. It doesn’t change it up much, and even lacks a couple aspects of Topple 2. Finger physics is a well done game, and if it wasn't for Topple 2 it would be a should buy, and the ratings indicate that. For $0.99 Finger Physics is worth considering depending on whether you have Topple 2 or not. Also if you don’t have Topple 2, it’s free so get downloading.

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