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Review: Infestation

October 14, 2009



Infestation is a very unique and addicting new type of Tower Defense game. However, this time you must protect food instead of towers by squishing, spraying, zapping, or stunning the army of bugs trying to eat away at the helpless food. It's fast, intense, and a little bit morbid...but it's also a lot of fun.


For what it is, Infestation is packed with a multitude of different features to keep you busy as you attempt to kill the swarm of bugs. Aside from the life-like graphics and intelligent insect AI, (they will try an evade or attack your fingers) the game has infinite levels in it. Basically, you play until you get overwhelmed and lose. Not a bad little addition if you ask me. infestation-prezel You can gain power-ups and other upgrades to help you exterminate the bugs through a credit system as well as in-game achievements that will increase the strength of the upgrades. The app will save your game automatically after each completed level and there are also three different save slots so a few other people can start a game if they wish without fear of saving over yours. You can listen to the in-game music or play your own through the iPod feature like most games. There are four bug classes and ten different bugs to kill. The game also has three difficulty levels for beginners or the more advanced.


The Good:

infestation-berryWhether you are a fan of bugs or not, this is definitely a very entertaining and addicting game. I mean, what's more fun than killing bugs? Especially when they are virtual bugs and you don't even have to worry about getting your hands dirty or missing one and having it come back and try to bite you. The graphics here look great and the gameplay is very smooth and well done. I especially love the different power-ups and the numerous ways you can kill the bugs. I also enjoyed how insane the game gets. One minute you are doing fine, killing a few bugs here and there and bam...out of nowhere you are surrounded by these crazy suckers. It can get very intense all of a sudden, but I really enjoyed that part of the game.infestation-doritto

The Bad

You know, you'll either like this game or you won't. You want to kill some bugs? Get this. You don't? Then you probably will not enjoy the gameplay in this one. Simple as that.

The Verdict

With tons of features and an endless array of levels, this game is extremely entertaining and addicting. The gameplay is amazing and the graphics and sounds are equally as impressive. If you want a game that's a little under the radar, but incredibly fun, pick up Infestation.

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