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Review: Kissing Frenzy

October 15, 2009



Have you ever been falling out of a window and thought, "Everything will be okay as long as I can kiss someone?" Yeah, me neither. However, that's the basic premise of this really strange and addicting app that goes by the name, Kissing Frenzy. Put those tapping skills to good use as you frantically attempt to kiss as many girls as you can before falling to the ground. The more you girls you kiss, the more girls there are to catch you as you fall toward the ground. I warned you it was strange...


kissing-frenzy-tapThe app comes packed with over 60 different levels and 5 different unlockable locations: Sun City, Dusk Town, Moonville, Vinter Valley, and Rainbow Hill. The game also includes three different modes of gameplay: Casanova, Multiplayer, and Survival. Each level completed awards you with medals based on your score. Replay each level until you get a perfect score and display that score on the app's Leaderboards or on its Facebook connection feature too.


The Good:

kissing-frenzy-dark-tapThis app has a ton of content in it for only $0.99. There are a bunch of levels and lots of different power-ups and unlockables in this one. Who doesn't love extra stuff to do, right? This game seems pretty simple at first, but it gets really intense really quickly. If you are looking for a fun, addicting, and challenging game, this one is definitely it. It's also just really weird. I mean the premise alone is kind of out there, but that's also part of the charm of this little game too.

The Bad:

kissing-frenzy-sheildThere really isn't anything "bad" with this game. I mean it does everything it is suppose to do and it plays the way it is suppose to play. Yeah, it's weird and a little strange, but that doesn't mean it isn't fun or addicting to play either. You are either going to like this game or you will hate this game. It's really that simple. Coming from someone that enjoyed the game, I tried to find something to put in this "bad" section and there really isn't anything. Again, you'll like it or you won't.

The Verdict

This game does everything really well and it has a lot of features included in it. For only a buck, that's not bad. It might be a little weird, but I liked that originality of it even if it was a little out there. If you are still undecided on this one, try out the Free version first.

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