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Review: Run! - Plus A Chance To Win A Free Run! Promo Code

October 13, 2009



Run! has been updated twice since we first looked at it, and updates do make games brand new. The 1.1 update provided Open Feint for online high scores and achievements which is always great, and adds even more to replayability. Plus there's a new quick play mode which gets you into the heavy action a lot sooner, and you're facing all kinds of enemies right off the bat. This may be the best feature as it does take awhile to really have fun and be challenged in normal mode. Run_OpenFeint New obstacles were introduced too so you have to face the wizard (attackable) the bomb, and meteor (both destructible). Also combos are included in the gameplay which were lacking in the original, and extra live bonuses can be picked-up. Even the controls were enhanced to make it easier to do everything, and just much smoother overall. The 1.2 update added even more! Now there is a custom mode to allow you to choose the pace, obstacle spacing, and even the obstacles you face and how soon you face them. Open Feint challenges are available too, to challenge your friends to any of the now three gameplay modes. The new obstacle Helicopter is included (destructible) which also drops well known enemies. Run! was a must buy at 1.0, and now there are two new gameplay modes that get you to the fun action quicker. New obstacles are included to amp up the eccentric nature of the game. Plus Open Feint is included for online high scores, achievements, and even challenges. All combine to make this game absolutely amazing, and it's only $0.99 so an absolute must!



Run is basically what it sounds for your life as you karate-chop enemies, blast through walls, and even smack a shark in the face. Yup, shark in the face. It's a very simple and easy to pick up game that is sure to get you hooked the moment you start playing. Chance To Win: Want to win a FREE promo code of Run! by doing something very simple and easy? Really, it's a very simple contest. Just comment on this review. Yup, just comment. And it can be about anything, although if it is related to the site and/or the review I'm sure that will up your chances. We will randomly choose a winner from all of your comments, so please, only post up one comment. Good luck!


run-sharkJump, slide, defend or destroy your way through a barrage of different obstacles as you continue to increase your speed. You can punch and kick your way through some obstacles or use a bazooka to blast your way through others. Collect golden medallions to unlock more obstacles as well as unlock over ten different achievements. The game has detailed statistics that show you exactly which obstacles will cause you the most trouble. There are global leaderboards and you can also post your scores on Twitter too. In an upcoming update, expect to see a Quick Mode that starts you off super fast and with every obstacle already in play, Offline Support so you can submit those scores whenever you have a connection, new obstacles, new achievements, and a quicker retry option as well.


The Good:

run-bazookaI really loved the look and feel of this game. It's very simplistic and incredibly easy to use. The controls work great and it's just an all around enjoyable game. The gameplay gets very intense as your character begins to pick up speed and it really brings up the difficulty level when more obstacles begin to appear. I loved the randomness of the obstacles too. The shark is great, as is the zombie and the walrus. Just a really entertaining and silly little game. Well worth the price of a dollar and it's nice to see the devs spending time on bringing us more cool updates too.

The Bad:

run-speed I gotta say I really enjoyed this one. It's a very simple pick-up-and-play type of game. However, I can see that particular aspect of the game being the downfall of this app for some people. If you want a game with a little more substance, this might not appeal to you.

The Verdict

I really think this is a game that most people will enjoy. It's entertaining, silly, looks great, and is just a fun game to play when you want to kill a few minutes here and there. Now, you can't please everyone and the game might not be exactly what you are looking for. You basically do the same thing over and over as you avoid different obstacles, so make sure this is something that will appeal to you first.

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