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Review: Shrek Kart

October 21, 2009



Enter the world of Shrek, and do some Kart racing. The Mario Kart clone from Gameloft feels just like it, but replaces Mario characters with the ones from Shrek and you have Shrek Kart. Drive through Shrek’s swamp, Potion Factory, and Far Far Away with Donkey, Puss N Boots, and Fiona. Shrek_farfaraway


A bunch of features are packed into Shrek Kart. There are four gameplay modes including single race, tournament, arcade, and challenge. In single race you get to play any track you’ve previously unlocked. In arcade mode your goal is to damage your enemies more time than they damage you, by using the various items. Tournament mode is where you have to win the most points over multiple tracks to win the overall cup. Challenge mode provides three options: gather items, avoid items, time attack. Also included is multiplayer over wifi and Bluetooth to race, challenge, or play arena style. Shrek_unlock In tournament mode there are six cups to win. Each cup provides four events, and each even requires multiple tracks. There are twelve tracks to race in, and three more arena play areas, all are straight out of the Shrek trilogy. You can play as 10 characters: Shrek, Donkey, Gingy, Puss n Boots, Fiona, Pinocchio, three little pigs, Ogre triplets, Big Bad Wolf, and the Ghost of Lord Farquaad. Each character has their own Kart, and special power-up. Items can be collected including tornado, change to pumpkin, and catch-up using Dragon and Donkey’s babies. Shrek_volcano

The Good

Shrek is great, kart racing is great, and they’re combined to make a winning formula. You can’t argue with the popularity and success of the Shrek movie franchise. The idea is outstanding, the storyline is great (minus #3), and it’s just so well done. Kart racing is just fun. Real racing type games are great, but kart racing will always be more fun, as you slam the gas, and go. You don’t have to worry about any typical driving techniques, just try to finish first in wild and wacky courses and with crazy items. You’re about to make it in first, when oops you’re blasted from behind by a cow surprise. You miss a turbo ramp, and your opponents speed by you. Every course even has its own obstacles to deal with. The courses and characters are wonderfully designed, and really make you feel like you're driving as Donkey in Shrek’s swamp, or gingerbread village, and even the fairy god mother’s potion factory. The animations are great whether angry bees are in your face, or your opponent spins out in front of you. Shrek_comeback What really makes any game good are the controls, and Shrek Kart is no different. Gas is automatic, and then you can use the accelerometer or touch to control steering. The accelerometer tilting works wonderfully, and feels like Real Racing’s tilt responsiveness. It’s also easy to drift for an acceleration boost out of the drift. The tournament mode is just so deep. I’m used to playing four tracks, and the cup is over. In Shrek Kart you play four events which are made up of multiple tracks. The cups are only unlocked after winning the previous one, and six of the characters are unlockable which adds reason to keep playing. Just to make it through the entire tournament mode will make it well worth $4.99. Then you can play in arena mode, and even race over wifi or Bluetooth. Shrek_bees

The Bad

The only bad thing about the game is that it lacks the voice acting that is so intricate to Shrek’s success. Even if there were a few lines from Mike Myers, Eddie Murphy, and Cameron Diaz the game would be much better. As it stands there are no voices, just background music and sound effects. Another problem is that it’s just kart racing with no change to the gameplay, and nothing you haven’t seen before. It’s just slapped with a Shrek theme. The save system works well at times, and then somehow loses all of your data. This has happened twice to me for no particular reason.

The Verdict

Gameloft makes pretty much every genre of game, and their Kart Racer is one of their best efforts. The Shrek theme is intertwined nicely, and classic kart racing is included. The game looks great, and plays even better. Shrek Kart surpasses Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3D and Krazy Kart Racers. Comparing directly to Cocoto Kart the cheap hot name in Kart Racing, Shrek Kart is worth the higher price. Sadly it lacks voice acting, and has a malfunctioning save system, but this game includes everything else. You’ll spend tons of time with it, and have fun doing it making this a should buy.

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