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Review: South Park Mega Millionaire

October 14, 2009



So the boys of South Park are in Japan, competing on one of their crazy game shows for 10,000 YEN. Which isn't really that much, but who's counting. Play alone or challenge your friends in this crazy board/side-scrolling game. It's colorful, absurd, and a little weird...but is it actually worth the three bucks?


south-park-mega-millionaire-wheelThe game allows you to play as either Stan, Kyle, Cartman, or Kenny in 3 different game modes. You get to skate, jump, and roll your way through 24 different challenges, traps, and even syrup. You also get to spin the Wheel of Misfortune throughout different portions of the game. Each item on the wheel basically hurts more than it helps, but that's part of the fun. You can also play your own music through the iPod feature of your device as well.



The Good:

The game looks amazing. The graphics on this game are really great and it looks just like the show. In fact, you will think you are watching an actual episode at certain times the graphics are that good.

The Bad:

south-park-mega-millionaire-loseWondering why the only "good" thing I said about this app was the graphics? That's because the rest of the game is pretty darn awful. First thing on the list...the sound. There isn't any voices on this thing. Okay, the boys will say "ouch" or whatever when you die, but that's only half the time and that's it. You have a game based on South Park, which is know for it's voices, and you didn't include that in the app? Unacceptable in my book. Yeah, I know they are adding them in a new update, but it's not in there yet and that's a big flaw here. south-park-mega-millionaire-kyleThe gameplay and controls just don't work very well here. You have to use the accelerometer to move the characters and it gets spotty at times. Not to mention that every level has you basically doing the same thing. You have to skate from one end of the map to another. I mean you have it based on a Japanese game show and you give use one basic event to do over and over again? Have you even seen a Japanese game show before. Where's the crazy events and randomness?

The Verdict

As someone who is huge fan of South Park, this game is a huge disappointment. It's not much fun, you can beat it in a matter of minutes, and there isn't really much to do here. A very boring and unsatisfying game that does nothing more than rely on the South Park name and flashy graphics.

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