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Say Hello To The New iMac, Macbook And Mac mini

October 20, 2009


As you might have heard, Apple has just updated a part of its product line. The iMac and the Macbook go unibody, the Mac mini gets a specs bump. The iMac The iMac (pictured above), now comes in 21.5 or 27 inches, it's wider and the screen is now LED-backlit. You can now cram up to 16GB of RAM in it and you'll be soon able to set it up with quad-core i5 and i7 chips (2.6/2.8Ghz) which will go great with Snow Leopard. Here are the standard configs you can pick from:


Good point also, you can turn it into an external screen using the DisplayPort, and it come with the new Magic Mouse.

Give a look at their presentation video with Jony Ive (background music by Jet).

The MacBook

The MacBook, which has been pretty much just a placeholder since the introduction of the 13inch Macbook Pro, was also updated and allows Apple to finally have a decent offering in the sub-$1000 laptop segment. It benefits from all Apple's recent technology updates, starting with the Unibody enclosure, LED backlighting, multitouch trackpad and the long lasting non-replaceable battery. Not much on the specs side with a little bump in processor speed and DDR3 RAM.


The Mac mini

The Mac mini gets a little boost with increased processor speed, double the amount of RAM and a DisplayPort.

The server version also increases its storage capacity by dropping the SuperDrive.


So, anybody planning some shopping soon ?

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