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Appisode 24: Sling Player 3G Held Up By Apple, New Apple Products Are Here, And Find Out How To Save Some Money

October 20, 2009
Sling player 3G has been held in Apple's approval process since August. Now everyone should know that AT&T won't allow 3G streaming, which is why Sling Player decided to find a way around AT&T and made the app so it could be available to those who don't use the US App Store. Well now AT&T is out of the picture, but the app still isn't being let through. Watch the Podcast to see our take on why Sling player is being "Pocket Rejected". Today Apple announced a whole new line of products: new iMacs, new MacBooks, new Mac Minis and a brand new Magic Mouse. If you like to find the best deals out there for whatever it is your buying then you will love RedLaser. RedLaser had two of my employees fighting over who could review it. Check out the full review on our site and watch the Podcast for a short video demo as well. App Of The Day: Zing Zing all your friends using Zing. Three different modes makes it easy to use and fun. I love the UI! Check it out in the App Store now.

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RedLaser - Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader
RedLaser - Barcode Scanner and QR Code Reader

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