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Sneak Peek: Does Samegame Gravitized Shift The Match Three Market?

Sneak Peek: Does Samegame Gravitized Shift The Match Three Market?

October 21, 2009


Samegame Gravitized is a brand new game from ooPixel, a brand new iPhone developer (though they have flash game experience). The game at the most basic level is a match three. What makes it different is that you can shift gravity to change the way the new balls fall in. samegame_boom Samegame Gravitized includes three gameplay modes: gravitized, classic, and puzzle. Classic mode is basic match three, and gravitized mode is the main feature of the game. Puzzle mode provides 20 different puzzles requiring a specific sequence of tapping to match all the balls given. Online high scores are provided through AGON along with achievements. Your goal isn't only to match three, but to make the biggest combo possible. Also included are two bonus balls: bomb that blows up a huge area, and rainbow which matches with anything. When playing through it felt a lot like re movem, but with stylized graphics, and the ability to shift the gravity. As you advance, every level has a new color to match, making it that much tougher. You play through until there are no moves left. The game was submitted to Apple October 11th, and based on the average two week queue time it should be available any day. The normal price will be $1.99, but for the first week it will be on sale for $0.99. We will have a review once it hits the App Store. See the developer's video below for the game in action.

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