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Sync Your Notebooks With Your iPhone! - Your OneNote iPhone Solution

October 13, 2009
securedownload5 As a college student with a heavy class load and two jobs, it's important to keep all your information organized. Being able to find the information you need quickly is an essential part to using your time wisely. That's why I recently began using an application that's part of the Microsoft Office suite called OneNote. Some of you might already be familiar with OneNote and already know many of the benefits it offers, but for those of you who don't I will quickly run through them (don't worry this is all leading up to an iPhone related topic). onenote The best way to describe OneNote is having multiple notebooks in your laptop. Each "notebook" has tabs dividing your information into smaller subjects. In each tab you can have as many notes as you like with an almost unlimited ability to customize the format of your notes. You can create tables, checklists, bullet lists, numbered lists, you can even insert tasks from outlook that will automatically update when marked as completed. You can email your notes, print your notes, draw shapes, record voice and video, save photos, and screen clippings right from the application. Best of all you can set up the notebooks to be synced with multiple computers, so the notes are the same no matter what computer you are using. When I began using this application at the end of last year I quickly realized how easily it could help organize, not just my school work, but all my other projects as well. I now bring my laptop to class and record all my class notes in it, scan my class syllabi into it, and have my class and homework schedule in it. It has helped me organize my life to a point where I have been a lot more productive. If you don't believe that one application could change your life that much just check out what the people over at have to say about it. securedownload4Getting used to using OneNote so frequently and the luxury of being able to access my written thoughts from any of my computers, I began to wish I could access these notes and even take additional notes from my iPhone. So, believing Apple's tag line "there's an app for that", I searched the term "OneNote" in the Appstore. This didn't give any results related to the Microsoft Office application. So then I tried searching "One Note" and sifted through about 20 or 30 note taking apps, none of which had anything to do with OneNote. I figured an app like this had just not been created yet, so I decided I would search again at a later date. I did a few months later and still no OneNote apps. Finally I became determined to find an app or at least suggest the idea to some developers so I Googled it. I search "OneNote iPhone app" in Google and instantly found what I was looking for, an app called MobileNoter. securedownload1With this app you can take written notes with your idevice and view all your synced OneNote notebooks. The app can completely replace the native notes application by giving you the ability to jot down quick notes on the go. In addition, the app will sync the notes you take on it with your OneNote application on your PC. Thirdly, you can sync and view the OneNote notebooks you choose with all their formatting and photos in tact. The greatest thing is that all of this is done wirelessly, so you can sync whenever and wherever you have an internet connection. Just imagine the convenience of having all your important information, class notes, medical records, credit card statements, whatever you decide to use OneNote for right in your pocket. Currently the app is in beta, so there are a plethora of more features being added. Some of the planned features listed on the site is the ability to add voice notes, pictures, edit any of your synced OneNote notebooks (with limited formatting), and many others. sync-clientTo get started with MobileNoter go to and register to get an account on the website. You can then download and install the MobileNoter Sync Client. Once installed, its easy to configure the Sync Client, just put in your username and password that you made on the MobileNoter website and choose the notebooks you wish to sync. Once that’s done you can download the app from the Appstore (free while in beta), sync it with the server, and your done. Now you never have to worry about forgetting your important information when you need it most. Let us know in the comments if you like the app, or why you don't.

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